Switching Gears from Analytics

As I am coming to a close on another semester of classes as part of the Master of Science in Marketing (MSM) program at FIU, I am truly grateful for the amount of knowledge and insight I learned in my Marketing Analytics course. Having dealt with analytics in my day-to-day prior to starting this course, I was really able to take it a step further and get a firmer grasp on using Excel (yes, excel) to segment my data and analyze it to make business decisions. I know that’s shocking to say, especially coming from someone who is pretty much Google certified across the board.

I can honestly say that newer marketers are a little spoiled when it comes to data. We often are provided dashboards and programs that give us the information we often need to use to make decisions or inform the ones who do. But by taking the information to external sources such as Excel or even Tableau, I was able to make insights that I didn’t have prior or had limitations on the software. I could make pivot tables that show me only the information I need compared to seeing everything in one table. I could calculate the recency, frequency, and monetary values of individual customers in a database. Truly an invaluable experience.

So although people can say that Millennials have a vantage point when it comes to new age marketing, I strongly beg to differ. However, this particular millennial is now officially equipped with the Excel skills and I’ll be forever grateful for my marketing analytics class for it.

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