Setting Up for Video Success: A Simple Guide on Creating Video Content

Many B2B companies, my employer included, have yet to dive into the world of video marketing. Video has rapidly taken over as one of the primary methods of marketing within the past few years, and video usually leads to amazing results. Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per video. When creating an instructional video for my Marketing Communications course, I began to formulate a method that I could take back to my employer to develop a video marketing strategy. It would be wise of us to produce video content on different services that we offer, giving the unique insight that educates prospective clients and helps to build trust that will hopefully lead to sales.

  1. Plan the video: Determine what topic the video will be about and create an outline and if possible, a script. Schedule time to practice and time to shoot, as well as the location, equipment, and help needed to shoot.
  2. Practice: I recommend not winging a video and practicing for it. I have found that using a teleprompter application on a tablet or phone helps tremendously. This is a great time to test the equipment settings and write them down to use for the day of the shoot.
  3. Shoot: I recommend having at least one person to help shoot a video with, as they will act as a producer of sorts. They’ll be able to help keep on task with the outline and adjust the equipment as necessary.
  4. Post-Production: Edit the video on the desired video editing application/software. When editing, be sure to include closed captions for better accessibility and to optimize Google search results.

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