SEO Tips and Tricks From a Senior SEO Scientist at Moz

Without a doubt, my favorite speaker at the Digital Branding Analytics Miami 2019 Conference was Britney Muller, Senior SEO Scientist at Moz. During her talk “Hacker Turned SEO Scientist,” Britney let us in on many SEO tips and tricks that can transform any search noob to an expert themselves. Since #DBAMiami and her talk, I’ve utilized the tips and I have increased my web traffic by over 25% and decreased my bounce rate by 26%. So, it definitely works.

Now I won’t go through all the tips she gave us, instead I implore you to watch the video of the talk yourselves. But as someone who has struggled with creating content for my blog and my employer’s blog, two tips, in particular, have been extremely helpful.

Create a Query and Take Note

Britney suggests going to Google and begin typing in a search query, but don’t press enter. Take note of the queries that pop up because these are popular terms that people are searching for. Here’s an example of a search I started for the term “Godzilla,” a movie I intend on watching this weekend.


Not only can you see what are the most common searches people are conducting, but thanks to the Keywords Everywhere Google Chrome extension, I can see exactly how many times searches are being made. If you don’t have the extension or don’t want to use it, Britney also recommends going through the alphabet after typing your initial query so you could get more of an idea as to what topics are being searched and implement them onto your site.

Read the First Page Before Writing Content

Before even sitting down to write a piece of content, Britney recommends searching your term and reading all of the results that come up on the first page for that result. Easy enough, right? Well, not exactly. In order for you to rank higher than those other pages, you must create content that is 10x better. Take the most valuable elements or information from each and make it your own.

You truly can’t go wrong with following any of her SEO tips and tricks, and I also recommend using the resources and tools she mentions in the video, such as Screaming Frog. If you currently have a site on WordPress, I recommend using the Yoast SEO plugin.

To see more content related to DBA Miami 2019, please click here. There’s a lot of great tips and tricks I learned that I would love to let you in on.

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