My Favorite Resources

As this project has come to an end, I thought about all the really cool resources I have managed to find that have helped me out immensely. I received very little training in my role, and was in essence, just thrown in to either sink or swim. Luckily, I managed to swim very well and learned a lot in the process. I wanted to list out a couple of helpful resources in hopes that it will be a good starting point for the next person.

Classy Blog

Classy is a fundraising platform for nonprofit organizations. Their blog has given me great insight as to how marketing for a nonprofit is different than marketing a regular business. They have topics that range from fundraising, design & branding, marketing, program management & strategy, and more. I recommend this blog as a resource for any nonprofit that is struggling in the marketing department, or even looking for new ideas that will boost their current marketing strategy.

Buffer Blog

Buffer covers social media marketing and they are really, really, good at it. I even listen to their podcasts on SoundCloud on my daily commutes for new information or tricks to use myself. They are a phenomenal resource for anyone that is struggling with their nonprofits social media activity (or lack thereof). I highly recommend giving their blog a read or listening to their podcast.

Sprout Social Insights

Sprout Social is another social media management tool that has a great blog. This is another place to look for some great ideas or just to get a better grasp at social media marketing. I concentrate on social media a lot because its genuinely how many businesses and nonprofits get their customers/donors/volunteers.


Yea, not too specific, but still a great resource. I found plenty of great blogs and articles that helped me to better understand blog writing. From choosing a captivating title, to phrasing a call-to action, Pinterest was a savior. I wish I was lying when I say you can find out anything on Pinterest.

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