Marketing Communications in the IT Industry

Working in the IT industry has forced me to look outside the normal marketing communications methods of today, such as social media and creating catchy and viral videos.  Since I operate in the B2B realm, it’s my responsibility as a marketer to create a strategy that appeals to decision makers of companies in different industries.

For 4it, my employer, our marketing communications strategy consists of targeted advertisement, public relations and publicity, direct and interactive marketing, and personal selling.

Part of our advertising includes partnering with the South Florida Business & Wealth magazine, which is a magazine that is distributed to the top CEOs and executives in South Florida. We regularly change our advertisements to appeal to different pain points that companies experience when it comes to their IT. For example, if we are targeting decision-makers in the medical industry, the ad will showcase our security services and how we help to maintain HIPAA standards to protect patient data.

It has definitely been both interesting and challenging to get the right message, to the right person, at the right time. And communicating with decision-makers can be a hit or miss if you even get their attention at all. But through constant testing of different communication methods, I’ve found a method that works for our small corner of South Florida.

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