How Adobe Sparked My Marketing Efforts

When I first started working in marketing, I felt as if I had a big advantage, having had previous experience in web and graphic design. I could run around on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign all day long. And I did just that, becoming a bit neglectful of my other duties.

As the sole marketing person in a small tech firm, I often wear many hats. Some days I am a social media marketer, some days an email specialist, others a graphic/web designer or even an event coordinator. By allowing myself to become consumed with design work, I wasn’t dividing my time in an efficient way for me to get everything done and move the needle on any real marketing efforts.

Programs and resources such as Adobe Spark helped me to create simple and branded posts, pages, and videos with minimal effort. It freed up a good chunk of my day from the smaller posts that didn’t require intricate design work. Although I have since navigated away from Spark due to a rebrand I implemented with stricter branding, I still highly recommend it for anyone. It truly benefits marketers and businesses that have little to no design experience or time.

As an example of Spark in use, feel free to see a video I created for 4it‘s 2017’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month. I made sure that the video had more text (as most people view video without sound, funny enough).

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