From Instagram Ad to a Themed Bar Crawl: My Experience

Last week a classmate of mine tagged me in a Facebook post about a company who was hosting a Game of Thrones-themed in Wynwood. Being a recent avid fan of the series, I looked at the profile to check it out to see the details. Ultimately, I didn’t wind up purchasing the ticket from that company.

Exactly four days later, I was scrolling through my stories and was shown an ad. This is normal to me; I see ads everywhere. But this time, it was different. I was shown another Game of Thrones bar crawl ad, this time from another company. The cherry on top is that I was shown an FIU promo code in the ad as well. I initially thought this was creepy because well

  1. How does a competing company know to target me on Instagram ads when I have never been on their page prior?
  2. How do they know I am an FIU student to show me the discount code?

Initially alarmed, I was then pacified when I received a bar crawl ticket for only $10. Although it felt a bit intrusive, at the end of the day that the company did some really great marketing. They knew what I was interested in, they knew what platforms I am more active on, and they knew details about me that would make me more inclined to buy.

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