Preparing to Launch: Equipping your CRM with a Dynamic Dashboard

Recently my employer, 4it, tasked me with finding a new CRM that will handle our lead database. When discussing how to deploy the chosen CRM, Zoho, we had a clarifying conversation about what our key performance indicators (KPIs) would be, and how the dashboard on the program would look. At first, we struggled with coming up with what we would start with and decided to look up standard dashboard analytics and go from there. Since we’re focused on tracking the entire lead to customer journey, we decided on a few metrics:

  • Sales revenue: This will give us the overall revenue that our marketing campaign/lead generation has brought the company.
  • Cost per lead: This is how much it cost to acquire each lead.
  • Website Traffic/Conversion: This shows the number of visitors that come to our web/landing pages and how the channel in which they arrive.
  • Traffic-to-lead ratio: This considers our website traffic and calculates if and when a change in our websites text, design, or form may be needed in order to keep attracting leads.
  • Lead-to-customer ratio: This shows our sales qualified lead conversion rate (sales ready) and sales accepted leads (opportunities).

Social Media Traffic/Conversion: This shows the number, channels, and percentages of conversions that come from our social media accounts.

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