Docking Our Desktops: Place Strategy for A B2B Technology Company

In theory, the company that I work for could operate entirely from remote desktops throughout the world. In fact, some of our employees actually do. When it comes to a B2B business, even one that does not deal with tangible products, the place component of a marketing strategy is still very much important.

For my employer, 4it, we target medium and growing organizations across South Florida, extending from the Palm Beaches down to Palmetto Bay. Anyone who lives within the Tri-County area knows how large this coverage is and how overwhelming commuting can be. Still, despite this overwhelming undertaking, it was still best for our company to have physical locations throughout South Florida and ultimately worth the cost. When choosing the placement strategy for the company, our company’s founders found that the best placement strategy relied on three key features:

  1. Proximity to our largest clients for rapid dispatch
  2. Proximity to employees to cut commute times
  3. Central meeting areas for prospective clients

So far, this strategy has been working out great for us. It not only benefits us when it comes to our clients, but it also helps for vendor visits, employee meetings, and more.

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