Cross-Channel Marketing: A TV Experience

It’s no secret that consumers are becoming desensitized to marketers’ efforts to get their attention. With more marketing channels than ever, companies often come across fragmented and incoherent; lacking one true marketing message that resonates with their prospects.

Cross-channel marketing is a form of multi-channel marketing, but it’s different in that it integrates one cohesive message that is integrated into all of a company’s channels. Companies can really maximize cross-channel marketing by understanding how their customers use each channel when they use the channel, and why.

One of my favorite TV shows is Jane the Virgin (Team #Jafael). CW understands how their viewers consume the tv show and understand that while viewers are watching the show, they often are using their cell phones. The writers of Jane the Virgin always tweet during the show to keep up with viewer reactions and engage. Although this seems like a PR initiative, it’s actually very smart. Opposed to searching for other things during the show, the viewer is involved with two Jane the Virgin activities: physically watching, and tweeting about the show which then gains new prospective viewers. I know this is different from my usual technology-centric posts, but I just wanted to show an easy example of how to turn an omnichannel experience into a cross-channel marketing one.

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