Over the last 5 years, I’ve been tapped by small businesses and entrepreneurs to help their brands stand out online. I utilize my background in digital marketing and customer experience, to help brands leave a lasting impression on customers. Let’s chat and see how I can help your business flourish.

What makes me different from other consultants?

Some of my recent projects


Vanessa James Media

Vanessa James Media Website Designed by Camille Vogl

In late 2020, I worked with Vanessa James, a talented voiceover actress, entrepreneur, and professional traveler to refresh her website. After helping to get rid of a virus, and perform a major update, I was able to create a website that more accurately reflected her vibrant personality and the hyphenate creative that she is. 


Reel Sound Studios

Reel Sound Studios Project by Camille Vogl

In late 2020, I worked with Jason Johnson to create a website for his new business, Reel Sound Studios. His website not only needed to appeal to a wide range of recording artists, it needed to have a booking functionality. I was able to  incorporate an employee and customer portal that streamlined their booking process and helped with scheduling his staff.