Channel Partnerships and MSP Marketing

Working at a managed service provider (MSP) has made me learn the ins and outs of our SaaS (software as a service) vendors and channel partnerships. Channel partners are companies, typically ones that make and sell software, that partner with other companies to market and sell their products. It’s usually a co-branding relationship and mutually beneficial for both companies. Sometimes channel partners are referred to as vendor partners.

Since my company doesn’t actually produce a software (we create solutions using a handful of vetted software), it’s important to have a strong relationship with our channel partners. It’s also equally, if not more, important for SaaS vendors to have strong partner programs in place that educate and equip MSP marketers.

Recently, I had a great experience working with One Login, a company that develops unified access management systems, in learning about their partner portal and the content I have available at my fingertips. In addition to the portal, One Login went the extra mile in giving me market insights on the different industries we serve and are looking to target. They also offered an opportunity for my company to gain backlinks through guest blogging, which is great for our SEO.

Not all channel partnerships are the same, as it depends on the type/tier of partnership in place. However, I can say that companies that don’t take advantage of the programs offered to them through their vendors are missing out on free marketing material. Some even offer funding for events, lists of leads, case studies, and more. The more you get to know the product, the more you will be able to market it.

Channel partners want their partners to succeed, and the only way to do so is to enable them. In turn, we as partners should use the resources offered to us to increase productivity and revenue.  

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