Building Resonance: Smart Apple in the Bunch

This past week in my Brand Management class, we learned about the Brand Resonance Model and how to build loyalty with consumers. In today’s age, consumers are more empowered with information and options, making loyalty harder to come by. What ultimately makes customers stick with brands? I myself can name countless brands that I am fully devoted to (I’m side-eyeing you Target) and wouldn’t even consider alternatives or competitors.


The Model:

brand resonance model

Brand Resonance Done Right:
Although the foundation of brand resonance lies in consumers ability to recognize, recall, and associate a need from the brand, the core of loyalty lies in the emotional attachments that consumers build with your brand and the performance of its products/services. For instance, Apple has people buy a variation of the same phone year after year (myself included). Why? People associate Apple with technology that’s innovative, powerful, reliable, and user-friendly. On the emotional end, Apple makes their users feel connected, creative, special through ownership of their technology. Apple has such strong brand resonance, that Apple is able to sell a whole ecosystem of products along with a cellphone (Airpods, iPads, Apple Watch, MacBooks, iMacs, etc.).

Brand resonance is something that I have been trying to do with my employer, 4it, for the last almost-two-years in trying to solidify the firm as one of (if not the top) cybersecurity MSP in South Florida. This model is something that I plan on using as a branding exercise in our next marketing meeting as we go into the second year as a rebranded company.

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