Time is of the Essence in A/B Testing in Tech

In the IT Industry, our online marketing begins with content. We have to create material about our products and services that engage with our clients across their various industries. From there, we’re able to go further in our customer journey, or funnel, to generate quality leads, nurture those leads, and eventually turn those leads into sales.

Sounds like an easy enough task, right? In a perfect world, our content would work in the exact way we want it to, the first time around. But the reality is, as a tech marketer we have to utilize A/B testing consistently to refine our content to reveal problem areas and drive conversion in a timely manner.

In regards to executing A/B testing in a timely manner, the practice of testing is time-consuming and uses up a lot of manual effort from a marketing team. From changing the color of a CTA button to the copy of a landing page, it is all minuscule details that could push a marketer down a “rabbit hole” of testing where they are so consumed in testing that the campaign ends before they ever see more than incremental performance.

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