A Summer of Changes: Graduation + New Job

I know I’ve probably left a lot of readers in a state of suspense since my last post. It’s always nerve-wracking to let the public know when you are making a big life change, and this summer, I went through quite a few of them.

For starters, I graduated with my Master’s Degree! In a lot of ways, it still hasn’t hit me and sometimes I catch myself thinking I have an assignment due. Although this isn’t the end of my relationship with the MSM program, it is definitely the end of me constantly being tired.

On July 28th, I walked across the stage in front of those closest to me. When approaching the President of Florida International University, Mark B. Rosenburg, to grab my “fake” diploma (the real one doesn’t get sent out until later), he said something so surprising to me that I was in a state of a shock walking back from the stage. President Rosenburg told me “Tell my friends at ADT I said hi.”

You might think that’s normal, but it actually ties into my next announcement:

As of July 15th, 2019, I am a Customer Experience Specialist at ADT.

If you follow me on LinkedIn or on social media, you probably already know this. But for those that know me through my blog, I figured I should mention it to you too. The reason I haven’t been updating is that I’ve been getting acclimated to my new role.

As a CX Specialist, I help to optimize ADT’s billing platform and app, MyADT. I’m responsible for helping to improve the experience for current customers, from how they pay their bill, accessing self-service tools for their alarm systems, and informing them of new products and services. Ultimately, this role calls for me to access all of my experience and education as a marketer, salesperson, customer service specialist, and designer.

I’m loving my new role so far I look forward to accomplishing a lot at ADT!

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