Never Say There’s No Time To Market

Working with nonprofit organizations have its ups and downs. Especially when it comes to marketing. Marketing is usually a touchy subject for many nonprofits because many assume that they can’t afford the resources for marketing –time and money. Basic marketing doesn’t take much, just a couple of monthly subscriptions (if necessary). But time is a resource that is tough for nonprofit leaders to give up so easily.

This past semester, I have gotten the chance to work with two nonprofit organization leaders in order to construct a digital marketing campaign for each one. I also got two very different results for each team. One leader was very involved in the process, helping to review all the work myself and the students have down for their nonprofit. This leader put in the time, and wound up receiving quality work that they could use from today to six months from now. The other leader was very unresponsive and unwilling to give up the time for marketing, so their marketing plan barely budged because everything was always pending approval.

Your nonprofit could hire all the interns and volunteers in the world, but if its leaders and decision makers are not investing the time to create a solid marketing plan, then it will be in vain.  Dedicate an hour or two throughout the week to review your organization’s marketing plan and make sure that the marketing activities reflect your core values, voice, your choice of Call-to-Action, etc.

I wish that people would realize that marketing is not going anywhere. It is necessary for businesses and nonprofits alike, and requires some work for it to work for you. You cannot also force people to understand this, so as I go into my career, I’ll be sure to avoid clients who require a whole thesis paper on digital marketing for them to give it their time of day.

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