Video Marketing Quick Tips

The days where your nonprofit’s social media posts get noticed by its followers are long gone. Now, there are algorithms at play which determine whether your posts get seen or not. So how can you ensure that your potential donors and volunteers are seeing your awesomely curated social media posts? Well the answer is simple: video.

You know the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words? Well video is worth a lot more (some sites say 1.8 million words, probably a fictional statistic). Either way, video is what social media is prioritizing whether you like it or not. So now the question that nonprofits are facing is “how?” How do you fit creating videos into an already busy schedule? How do you pay for the resources for videos? How will the videos appeal to my donors?

The answer to this question is not necessarily easy and you will have to put some work into it for it to pay off, but the outcome of good video marketing is worthwhile. Here’s a few tips to get the ball rolling on video marketing for your nonprofit.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Your Phone

Most, if not all of us own some type of smartphone with the capability of taking pictures. In fact, most of us have high end devices that have the capability of taking stellar pictures and crisp video with the click of the button. Most people use their phones to take video nowadays, so who is to say that you can’t use it for your nonprofit? Unless the resolution on your camera is extremely low, don’t be afraid to use your smartphone!

Go Live

Facebook Live is an amazing tool that allows your nonprofit to be authentic, real, and on the spot in creating video content. There’s no need to edit a video using complicated software. Just point your phone and start filming. Plus, you can always go back and save the video and post it on other social media accounts and your website.

Use YouTube Editor

YouTube has made it easier than ever to edit videos with transitions, text, music, transcripts, annotations, and more. It’s easy and FREE. Simply upload your video to YouTube and then go to town on editing. From there, you can create a unique video that didn’t cost thousands to create and can be downloaded and posted on your nonprofits social media accounts.

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